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What's the most Unique golf course you have golfed?

I myself like to golf anywhere possible. Golfing the same course all the time just doesn't do it for me. Golfing different course all the time gives you more versatility. Golfing in a league on the same course is ok but eventually you get to know the course and where you can miss and not miss. Golfing different courses brings in the challenge of not knowing want you can get away with.

I try to golf course a home within 1-1/2 hours travel time. It give me the opportunity to golf at least 30 - 40 different courses. This give me exposure to a lot of different layouts, as well as various types of greens and different green speeds, some fast some slow. Of course golfing a variety of different course also brings in all kinds of different hazards. Being able to negotiate these various hazards whether its trees,water, high rough, or just a lot of sand will make anyone a better golfer I believe.

As far as Unique courses, I golfed Royal ST. Kitts when I was on a cruise. I golfed the Kapalua - Plantation, Wailea - blue course, Kahili, and Ka'anapali courses on Maui Hawaii and Kapolei on Oahu.

Where Have you Golfed?

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