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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the divot tool affect the balance of the putter?

The divot tool only weighs one (1) ounce. As long as the FYD putter-mounted divot tool is slid up to the putter grip, it should not affect the putter balance.

Is the FYD putter-mounted divot tool a universal fit for all putter shafts?

Yes, for the most part. With that being said, the ideal putter shaft diameter across the board is 0.520 inches. However, if you have a smaller shaft diameter you can put a small wrap of waterproof tape around the shaft to size the putter shaft to a 0.520 inch diameter. On the other hand, larger shafts with not allow the FYD putter-mounted divot tool to slide all the way up to the grip, but that is not a total loss, even with a larger shaft the FYD putter-mounted divot tool will slide up to 3-4 inches from the grip.

Does the the divot tool affect your line of sight when putting?

The FYD putter-mounted divot tool should not be in your line of sight if you are looking at your ball while putting. If you do feel a certain effect, you can always turn the top of the FYD putter-mounted divot tool to the side or the back.

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