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How to Fix Your Ball Mark On A Golf Course 

What is a Divot, Pitch, or Ball Mark? 

Divots, pitch marks, and ball marks, whatever you may call them, play an important role in golf course etiquette. Ball marks often appear on the golf course when the golf ball lands hard on the green and leaves an indentation in the turf grass. If golfers don’t repair their pitch marks, the greens will get covered with these ball marks and indents and they can ruin a putting green.  

Why do you Repair Ball Marks? 

These divots and pitch marks left unrepaired cause problems for the golfers and the course maintenance crews. On the putting green, it’s a game of inches. Nobody wants their putt to be thrown off track because of an unrepaired divot or pitch mark. If the putting greens are infested with ball marks, it’ll make for a bad putting day for everyone. 

These damages negatively affect the landscape of the golf course. Ball marks that go unrepaired and untouched can take weeks or even months for the grass to naturally reform and regrow properly. Putting greens should be smooth and able to play off good rolls, but ball marks negatively affect that. Golf course maintenance crews appreciate each and every ball mark that gets fixed properly, so they don’t have to!  

It will only take a few seconds, be respectful to your fellow golfers! One fixed divot = One stroke off your game! Do your part and Fix Your Divot on the golf course! 

How to Fix Your Ball Mark 

Here’s how to properly repair a ball mark on the putting green: 

  1. Grab your divot tool, or other small, pointed objects (like a golf tee). 

  2. Insert the ball mark repair tool into the turf, at the edges of the indentation.  

  3. Push the smashed turf back into place without ripping out any turf grass and never pulling or prying upward. 

  4. Start at the outside of the ball mark and work your way around. 

  5. Use a flat surface (club or shoe) to flatten the repaired turf and make it smooth again.


Use the diagram below to give you a visual representation of this ball mark repair process:

hot to.jpg

Fix Your Divot’s Main Goal

At Fix Your Divot Golf Accessories, we pride ourselves on improving the quality of golf courses everywhere with our divot repair tools! The more pitch repair tools we sell, the better off golf courses and their greens will be.  

Help the course help you, by repairing and fixing your ball marks! Our Putter Mounted Divot Tool is designed to always be on you when you arrive to the green with no hassle involved. With our divot tool, there's no excuse to not fix your pitch mark. Fix your ball mark with convenience. 

Happy Golfing! 

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