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19th Hole Golf Ball

19th Hole Golf Ball




It is as the pictures show a standard divot tool and magnetic ball marker with a molded clip on the back to snap onto your putter shaft. Simply snap the divot tool on the smaller end of the putter shaft by the head of the putter and slide up the shaft until it makes contact with the larger portion of the shaft. They will work on any size shaft though .520 dia. shafts are ideal, and more common, to let it the divot tool slide to the putter grip. Larger shafts divot tool may not slide to the grip but will still stay in place wherever it stops. Smaller shaft a simple wrap of waterproof tape will size the shaft so the divot tool will stay in place. With the low profile design, they really are not in your line of sight when putting and weigh only 1 oz.

Ball marker included as shown.

No more holes in your pockets. No rust marks on your $30.00 hats. More importantly it’s not in your bag 50 feet away when you need to use it on the green.

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